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Don’t take our word for it, here is what some of our happy clients have to say:

“I would like to state and compliment money village in the manner my financial difficulties My wife and I found ourselves in we’re dealt with.We were at a point when we felt helpless in our situation with no where to turn.
We had countless letters coming in the post each day ,and endless phone calls at all hours from one or two of our creditors.
During a phone quite difficult conversation I was having with one of my creditors I heard an ad on the radio for money village and the services they were offering.I noted the number and it is possibly one of the best phone calls that I have ever made.
I wasn’t expecting much, but was I so wrong.Money village setup a meeting with one of there advisors and since then the letters ,phone calls started to decline and now it is only the only odd one and usually from the same source.

The arrangements put in place by Money village did not absolve us from our debts but their plan has been acceptable to the majority of our creditors .

It has Given us room to breath and get on with our lives in relative peace and the panic has been removed.

I would absolutely recommend to anyone with money/financial difficulties not to hesitate in contacting the professional team at Money Village.
The sooner the call is made the quicker you will start to sleep again.” Mr Kavanagh

“We both just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with your company.
My husband and I are both in full-time employment, so we never imagined we’d get into debt. At first, we thought we could sort it out ourselves. But the creditors were refusing to accept our situation. I dreaded coming home each night to find piles of threatening letters and phone messages chasing payments.
In the end, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I broke down in front of a really close colleague, who told me about you. The next day, I decided to drum up the courage to make the dreaded call. I shouldn’t have worried so much! Your staff have been so friendly and supportive, and the initial, free advice was invaluable.
We have taken out a Debt Management Plan with you, and the creditors have accepted the monthly payments you put forward and you even got them to agree to freezing the interest! We know it will take time to pay off, but we know with your help and support, we’ll do it.
I have already recommended you to several friends and family members, and will continue to do so.”Mr & Mrs Wilkinson
“I really didn’t know where to turn. Since my husband lost his job earlier this year, things just seemed to spiral out of control. At first, I ignored any official looking letters, hoping it would all just go away.
Of course it didn’t, it just got worse, because I didn’t do anything about it. That’s when I came across Money Village on the internet.
I couldn’t believe how quick you were in replying to my request. You were so honest and helpful from the onset. I am now working with you to pay off my creditors and feel that our lives are worth living again. Thank you so much!”Mrs Spellman
“I just wanted to thank you for all your support and advise you have given me in relation to my financial situation.Your professionalism and caring approach made it so much easier for me to talk more openly about things. It’s not easy admitting to a complete stranger that you’ve got money problems. It took me long enough to admit it to myself!

Right from the word go, I knew I’d made the right decision choosing you. The girl I first spoke to was really down to earth and made me feel at ease immediately. She helped me to understand that there were thousands of other people in the same situation and it was nothing to feel ashamed about.

I have my own personal adviser who keeps me informed and who is always there if I need her. The creditor hassle has nearly all stopped, but if they ring I now just give them your details which has made me feel more confident again and helped me deal with the situation.

I look forward to our ongoing relationship.”

Mr J Brookfield

“After hearing a MoneyVillage radio ad and after having had my head stuck deeply in the sand about my financial status for too long, I decided to contact your company to finally deal with my debt.
Illness pushed me into a very early retirement and I was unable to keep up with student loans and credit cards. I felt afraid every time the phone rang or when there were a lot of letters in my mailbox because I felt hassled and misunderstood by my creditors. For months I was living in denial about how bad it all was and then I found MoneyVillage. To my surprise I felt understood from the first phone call, helped and best of all… not feeling hassled anymore. MoneyVillage dealt with my request with a lot of professionalism, direct action and in a friendly manner.
I can now breathe and sleep easily again without having to fear what my creditors might do. A very big, big thank you goes out to the whole MoneyVillage team and I look forward to paying off my debt in a much more manageable way.
If you are in debt with no way to go anymore… MoneyVillage is THE company to choose to help you out!”Anonymous
“At a time when my stress levels were very high, Eugene Mc Darby and his team at Money Village were a Godsend. I can’t thank them enough for their ingenuity and experience in dealing with the banks on my behalf. I am now in a position where my financial situation, i.e., mortgage repayments etc., is again at a manageable level -all praise to Money Village.”Mr O’Reilly
“I found the Money Village company by total accident and as they say what is for you will never pass you, well finding Money Village could not have come at a most needed time as I was in serious debt.At this stage I was not sleeping or eating and could not deal with all the phone calls, I wanted to ignore all the calls and letters demanding money as I just could not make enough to keep all the bills paid. The debt was like a cancer growing in my brain. at one stage I got so ill that it was thought I was having a stroke and spent two weeks in a Dublin hospital, all down to stress and because of it I will be on medication for the rest of my life I met Eugene McDarby from Money village and we chatted, then he filled out my debt forms and told me he would sort all of it out, I could not believe it was all that easy to hand over my debts and have someone else take care of them, Eugene guided me through my finances and assessed what I could pay, He then approached the companies and started the whole process of recovery for me.

I now can live my life, get extra work in which means I can now focus more on my future and getting out of debt and I do not have the debt collectors banging on my door.

If I meet people who are in debt and holding their heads in their hands then I can’t tell them fast enough about Money Village, as far as I am concerned they more than likely saved my life because if I had kept going by myself with no support then the stress would have finished me off.

So I am a full believer in whatever is for you won’t pass you unless of course you chose to ignore it. Do not let Money Village slip past you, talk to them and start living again in peace.”


“Money Village CEO and staff have been immensely helpful with their always friendly attention and professionalism in their dealings with me as a person and my financial issues. I can highly recommend that if you are having trouble making ends meet, and are being hounded by your bank/s don’t be shy, contact Money Village and let them help you deal with the money institutions! It takes a lot of stress out of your daily life!”BB
“I first heard the ad for MoneyVillage on 4FM while going to work. I took note of it as things were just getting me down so badly I could not figure out what to do.I went on-line when I got to the office, found your site and ticked the box if I wanted a phone call. That same evening the call came and an appointment was made.

I was feeling a bit anxious about this, as I was going to have to bear soul and all to get things sorted out.

The gentleman called to the house bang on time. He listened intently, got out his pen and paper and started making notes.

I felt completely at ease and found I could talk to him openly. He was a wonderful help, pointing things out I hadn’t even thought of and he helped me to find the way forward.

When leaving the house he had said he would email through some letters to me, and as promised they arrived by email the very next day.

Although I had already started the process before meeting him, the support and insight to the situation was brilliant.

I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending MoneyVillage to anyone I though needed help through these tough times.

They were extremely professional in every way, and not in any way judgmental, but also supportive, professional and helpful.”

Miss Lyon

“Dear Kelly,I would like to thank you for your help.

Your efficiency and professionalism is remarkable and has been so reassuring at a very difficult time.

It has taken a load off my shoulders, so much that I didn’t think possible.

Many thanks”


“Hi MeganI just wanted to thank you for everything…It’s a huge weight off my mind now.

You have been great and can you please extend my thanks to Michael as well”


“Hi Patrick,I just wanted to take this opportunity to inform you and your colleagues of the incredible difference you have made to my life since being introduced to Money Village.

Before I had ever heard of Money Village I like so many thousands of Irish people struggled to gain financial control. There were many sleepless nights bouts of panic depression and despair. But now since I have put my finances in your very capable hands I have discovered a new lease of life. Gone are the sleepless nights.

I now look forward to my time off work as I am no longer consumed by the preoccupation of constant phone calls from my creditors. Letters coming through my letter box everyday informing me that debt collectors were only moments away.

Thanks to you all I have gained control of not only my financial situation but, also my life. This has had a very positive effect on my home as well as professional life. I have also championed the good name of Money Village to friends and colleagues alike.

I wish both you and all the staff at Money Village all the best in your future endeavours. I would greatly appreciate if you would pass this mail on to your management team.

Once again a big big thank you. Words cannot express my eternal gratitude. Keep up the good work!!!!!”


“Dear Eugene,Everything has gone quiet now from the Bank, so all is well.

Thanks for getting back, and thank you for your help in sorting our Mortgage for us, it is greatly appreciated.

It was a relief to have you on side when the letters and phone calls started.

It’s a really tough time out there for people in trying to deal with Banks themselves, god help them. I don’t know what we would have done without you and Money Village.

Thanks again Eugene

Kind regards to you and everyone at Money Village”


“Four years ago I had serious bank and credit card debt. I initially engaged Cornerstone as my intermediaries, Money Village took over this account. Money Village restructured my repayments in order to reduce the required time. I at all times found Money Village most helpful and communicative.

Money Village has a great ethos of service and care. I am now debt free with gratitude to Money Village. I would advise all debtors to seriously consider Money Village.”


“I can’t thank Money Village enough for all the help and financial support they gave me over 4 years they help us get back on our feet and gave us such peace of mind they were a great support in the difficult years want to thank you all so much.”


“A Huge Thank you to Money Village for all your support and advice over the last 6 years. I cannot emphasise enough how valuable Money Village is when faced with financial difficulties, they literally kept me “sane” , and I have not had to endure any creditor hassle which I found so stressful during my working day. I have always found the staff dealt with any issues in a friendly, non judgmental manner and kept me informed of any updates in a timely and efficient manner. The customer service team are always easy to contact , pleasant and helpful and no request was too much trouble. I would have no hesitation in recommending Money Village. ”