Money Village Ltd Terms & Conditions

Definition of terms

“You” The Client(s) whose name is recorded on Page 1 of our agreement

“Us, We “ Money Village Limited, registered number 431416, Unit 4G Fingal Bay Business Park, Balbriggan, Co Dublin

The organisations that you owe money to and in relation to which we have agreed to act on your behalf

“Fees” The Fees as set out on Page 1 of the agreement

“Plan” the services described in this Agreement

“MDI” Monthly Disposable Income – the difference between your total income and your total expenditure, not including your unsecured debt repayments

Our Agreement

You appoint us and we agree to act on your behalf, as debt re-negotiators and advisers , and to provide the services.

This Agreement will start when you return the completed documentation.


We charge a fee for our service. Fees are set out in the first page of this Agreement.

What We Will Do

We will use the information provided by you to calculate a monthly amount that we will believe you can afford to pay to your Creditors.

We will renegotiate revised terms on your debts. We will notify your Creditors that we act for you and will offer them revised payment terms on your behalf.

For unsecured debts, we will ask Creditors not to charge you interest on the amounts you owe, and to cease attempting to collect the money that you owe. We do not guarantee that your Creditors will agree to this.

We will send to you a schedule of repayments. We will update this schedule when any information on the schedule changes.

We will review your circumstances every twelve months, or when you let us know that there has been a change to your circumstances. When the amount that you can afford to pay to Your Creditors increases or decreases, we will negotiate revised payment terms on your behalf.

We will keep you informed of all material communications between your Creditors and us and we shall deal with all communications from your Creditors to us (or to you and provided by you to us) appropriately and promptly.

Full & Final Settlements

We will negotiate full and final settlements with your Creditors on your behalf. There is a separate fee for this service, which will be 10% of the difference between the balance outstanding at that time and the agreed settlement figure.

What you will do

You will provide us with full, accurate and truthful details of your income, expenses, Creditors and other relevant details that we ask for. Where we ask for evidence, you will use your best endeavours to provide this.

You will make the agreed monthly payments to your creditors.
You will pay our fees.

You will tell us if your circumstances change.

During the term you must incur no further debts, whether on credit or otherwise, other than those relating to your normal living expenses.

Ending the Agreement

You have a right to cancel our Agreement at any time during the first 14 days. “Days” here include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. We will then notify our payment partner to refund to you any fees already paid.

This Agreement will end when you have repaid all agreed amounts owed to your Creditors.

Your Personal information

We agree to keep confidential all information received from or about you.

We will not pass this information to anyone else without your permission, except in line with our data protection statement or to such of your Creditors as is necessary in order for us to negotiate repayments with them.

We may pass your information to Creditors who process your data outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Data protection statement

Please read this statement carefully as it explains what personal information we collect about you and how we use this information.

We collect personal information about you both directly from you (when you apply for our services) and from your Creditors as authorised by you. We may also collect further information as a result of managing your plan.

We will use your personal information to provide our Services to you, and in particular to:

(a) Prepare and issue to you your plan;

(b) Negotiate with your Creditors on your behalf; and

(c) Keep you informed about your plan and our services.

We may also use your personal information to contact you to provide you details of other products and services which we think may be of interest to you, including those offered by selected third parties. We may share personal information with these selected third parties and they may contact you directly to provide you with details of such products and services.

We share your data with our group and related companies, including holding your data on a group database.

You may let us know if you do not want us to use or disclose your personal information to selected third parties or if you wish to amend the way we communicate with you. You are not obliged to allow us to pass information on to selected third parties, and by not doing so this does not affect the provision of the services or our decision to provide you with the services.

We will disclose your personal information to the extent required by law, court order or as requested by other government or law enforcement authority, or to any company or other entity to whom we either transfer or subcontract any or all of our obligations to you under this Agreement.

You may contact us by writing at any time to the Data Protection Officer at our address for further information, or if you want to request a copy of the personal information which we hold about you or to ask us to amend any inaccurate information held by us. If you request a copy of the personal information which we hold about you we will charge you a fee of €10.

We routinely record and monitor your calls to us, to help us to improve our service.

Other terms

We may transfer our rights and obligations under this Agreement by giving you written notice of such transfer.

This Agreement sets out the entire agreement and understanding between you and us and supersedes all prior agreements, understandings or arrangements (whether oral or written) relating to the provision of the services.

We shall not be deemed in breach of this Agreement or otherwise liable to you if we are prevented or hindered from performing our obligations under this Agreement by reason of any event beyond our reasonable control.

If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, that part shall be deemed severed from our agreement which will otherwise remain in full force and effect.

Any failure on our part to insist on strict performance of any part of these terms and conditions will not be deemed a waiver of our rights and remedies in respect of any future breach.

We may vary these Business Conditions from time to time and will write to give you at least 30 days’ prior notice of any changes.

This Agreement is governed by Irish law.



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