Fees Explained

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We do not have any ‘Initial consultation fee’.

The following categories are used by this firm as a basis for the analysis of time expended by grade of staff:

Director €150 per hour
Senior Staff €90 per hour
Administrative Staff €45 per hour

How we get paid:

Once off debt re-negotiation e.g. secured debts including family homes and rental investment properties. Fee’s agreed as per schedule above on a case by case basis.

On-going fee’s e.g. un-secured debts such as credit card, credit union, personal loans and over-drafts.

Monthly Management Fee:

There is a ‘Monthly Management fee to cover the cost of administering the Debt Management Plan, providing a dedicated Personal Advisor, and dealing with subsequent queries from creditors. This fee is €50pm.


If after completion of a full Monthly Income and Expenditure the clients’ monthly disposable income (MDI) is €300, after our fee of €50 the client will have a total of €250 to pay to their creditors.

Negotiated Full and Final Settlements:

A full and final settlement is an offer to creditor negotiated by us to make a lump sum payment and in return the clients’ creditor write off the balance owing after the payment.

In the event that a client can arrange for a full and final settlement, we will negotiate with their creditors. Our fee for this service is 10% of the amount the creditors agree to write off, there is a non refundable fee of €100 which is deducted from the 10% of the amount written off if the settlement is successful.

Call Out Charge:

There will be a call out charge if a client requests a face to face meeting in their home, or at an alternate meeting place. This fee is currently €100.This fee is not a plan cost, and is purely to cover our advisor cost of time and travelling.


The charge for completion of a review is €150.00